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The Golfing Buddy

The Golfing Buddy

Regardless if dad, grandpa or another significant fatherly figure first became a proud papa at the turn of the century, or in 2013, there's a drink for each and every one of them. We took a liking to the golf cart.


  • 1/2 Cup Avión Silver
  • 1/2 Cup fresh lemon juice
  • 1/2 Cup simple syrup
  • Club Soda

Challenging the President . but Only on the Golf Course

WASHINGTON — At age 4, Marvin Nicholson hit his first golf ball on the nine-hole course his father had mowed into the front of the family’s farm in Ontario. By 7, he had won a Canada Dry Ginger Ale trophy for sinking a hole in one at the local public course. He caddied through college, carried Senator John Kerry’s clubs in Nantucket and then lugged so many of Mr. Kerry’s bags during the 2004 presidential campaign that he distributed business cards stamped with “Chief of Stuff.”

A decade later, Mr. Nicholson has reached back to his golfing roots to become President Obama’s secretary of swing. Mr. Nicholson, 42, has played golf with the president about 140 times, far more than anyone else in or out of government.

At a time in Mr. Obama’s presidency when political, national security and sartorial critics are chanting, “You’re doing it wrong,” Mr. Nicholson, whose official title is White House travel director, is a trusted source of good vibes. A nonjudgmental figure who will never question the president’s double-bogeys or his shifting red line in Syria, Mr. Nicholson, a geography major from the University of Western Ontario, rounds out the president’s foursomes and soothes his frayed feelings.

“Every president needs a space where he can be quiet and let loose and feel normal,” Mr. Obama said in a telephone interview on Saturday. “And when I’m with Marvin, we can talk the same way we would if we were just a couple of guys having a beer and whacking a ball around.”

Mr. Nicholson’s soothing effect is not limited to the president. “When you just need someone who is going to be nice to you, that’s Marv,” said Alyssa Mastromonaco, Mr. Nicholson’s ex-girlfriend and Mr. Obama’s former deputy chief of staff. While Mr. Nicholson is effective in overseeing the president’s travel, he stands out in an ambition-laden work environment because, she said, “Marv has no agenda.”

The recreational approach that he and the president take to the golf course — “It is the only time I can get four or five hours outside, and I don’t have the option to take long walks through a city,” Mr. Obama said — infuriates advocates of the Bill Clinton and Lyndon B. Johnson school of golf, in which the green is a lush cell for politicking.

In a town where government officials, operatives, donors and lobbyists fantasize about presidential face time, Mr. Obama has bypassed them for a less political group of golf partners. They include Alonzo Mourning, the retired basketball star Ahmad Rashad, the former Minnesota Vikings wide receiver, who has dated Valerie Jarrett, the White House adviser pre-White House pals Marty Nesbitt, Eric Whitaker, Mike Ramos and Bobby Titcomb and the ESPN personalities Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon. Mr. Nicholson’s older brother, Walter, has joined more than a dozen times.

When Mr. Obama does play golf with members of the administration, he often passes over cabinet members for relatively low-level — and low-handicap — company, including Sam Kass, the president’s senior policy adviser on nutrition policy and the Obama family’s chef.

But Mr. Nicholson is the constant. On one of the rare occasions that Mr. Obama played politics on the golf course — when he and Speaker John A. Boehner of Ohio took on Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and Gov. John R. Kasich of Ohio — Mr. Nicholson was there, too, riding behind in a cart. During an outing with Vernon Jordan, the Washington power broker, and Michael R. Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York City, Mr. Obama hardly talked to them and directed most of his comments to Mr. Nicholson, according to a person told of the outing.

Mr. Obama, whose 18 handicap is 10 strokes higher than Mr. Nicholson’s, said, “I don’t know that he improves my game.” But there is something else politicians find appealing about Mr. Nicholson, who was working in a Massachusetts windsurfing shop when he met Mr. Kerry. “He has lived a quirky, adventurous life,” Mr. Obama said. “But that means that he knows a lot about a lot of stuff.”

Mr. Nicholson declined to comment for this article, but his American-born mother, Elizabeth Beatty, described him as “always determined to go along and make sure everyone is happy and congenial.”

In the weeks after Mr. Nicholson’s father, himself a talented golfer, died, the young boy began taking a cup of Taster’s Choice coffee to his mother’s bed every morning. When she remarried and relocated the family to a suburb of Victoria, British Columbia, Marvin, the middle of her three sons, earned a reputation as a self-assured and selfless friend at St. Michaels University School, where he quoted the film character Ferris Bueller — “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you might miss it.” — in his senior yearbook.


“He was always the life of the party, 100 percent,” said Jeremy Petzing, who owns a bar and grill in Victoria and played with Mr. Nicholson on the school golf team. “He wasn’t a position-taker. He would never really take sides. He was so easygoing, and the chicks just loved him.”

Ms. Mastromonaco, who was Mr. Nicholson’s girlfriend from 2001 to 2005, when they both worked for Mr. Kerry, said she looked forward to Mr. Nicholson’s phone calls (“Marv sounds like a man,” she said) and their walks on Capitol Hill, where he knew the names of so many people that she called him “the mayor.” She also discovered the hidden artisan within.

“He paints,” Ms. Mastromonaco said. “He builds things.” A 13-star American flag that Mr. Nicholson made from painted fence pickets hangs in the home she shares with her husband, David Krone, the chief of staff to Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the majority leader. (On Thursday, the husband and the ex played golf together.)

David Wade, Mr. Kerry’s chief of staff and Mr. Nicholson’s traveling roommate for two years during the 2004 presidential campaign, also owns a flag made by Mr. Nicholson, which hangs in the executive suites of the State Department. Mr. Wade and others describe Mr. Nicholson as an easy conversationalist and conscientious friend who slips out to the drugstore to pick up cough medicine while you sleep or shows up to assemble a grill in the backyard while you work.

While Mr. Nicholson has a close friendship with Mr. Obama, Mr. Kerry is considered a father figure. “Kerry always joked it was a brotherly relationship,” Mr. Wade said. “Other people always said it was more father-son. Probably Kerry called it brotherly because he didn’t want to acknowledge he was in his 60s. Just very, very close.”

Mr. Kerry was especially close when Mr. Nicholson’s younger brother, Peter, died in 2009 from a pulmonary embolism. He and Mr. Nicholson recently dined together at the Washington restaurant Cafe Milano before dropping by Ms. Mastromonaco’s place.

It was Ms. Mastromonaco who urged then-Senator Obama to hire Mr. Nicholson. After getting Mr. Kerry’s blessing, Mr. Nicholson took the job. Early on he used his big frame and basketball skills to fend off Bill O’Reilly, the conservative television personality, at a 2008 campaign event. Soon he was a fixture at the president’s side.

Pete Souza, the White House photographer, has captured Mr. Obama surreptitiously placing his foot on a scale as Mr. Nicholson weighed himself and shooting his arms in the air as Mr. Nicholson kicked a field goal at Soldier Field in Chicago after a dinner in 2012 with NATO dignitaries.

Reggie Love, Mr. Obama’s all-purpose personal aide before Mr. Nicholson, said in a 2013 talk at the University of California, Los Angeles, that on the day that Navy SEALs killed Osama bin Laden, while most top officials were in the Situation Room, the president “was like, ‘I’m not, I’m not going to be down there, I can’t watch this entire thing.’ ” Mr. Love said the president retreated to a private dining room where he, Mr. Souza and Mr. Nicholson “must have played 15 hands, 15 games of Spades.”

Mr. Nicholson’s mother worries a little about where her son will be after Mr. Obama hits his final drive as president. “That’s the 64-dollar question,” she said. “I would like him maybe to have some time for himself.”

Ms. Mastromonaco, whose old boyfriend is said to be in a new relationship, had similar concerns. “I don’t know if there is too much else, generally,” she said, besides working all week and playing golf with the president on the weekends and occasionally going to Home Depot for art supplies.

“I don’t know what he does next,” she said, adding that she sometimes wonders, “What’s going to fulfill the Marv dream?”

If the stuff of the Marv dream is a wife and children, Mr. Obama is reluctant to weigh in.

“I’m definitely not going to touch that one,” he said. But as far as a future on the fairways, Mr. Obama extended a coveted invitation. “As long as I’m playing golf,” the president said, “Marvin’s going to be in the rotation.”

Scotland Reigns Atop the Buddy Trip Bucket List

Something happens as we prepare to celebrate our midlife birthdays. Some of us go shopping for red convertibles. Others turn introspective and secretly write an outline for their memoirs.

Golfers, however, plan a special buddy trip. One that will be fun but with serious endeavors on the golf course, with good food, drink, and companions of like mind, to a destination we’re not likely to visit every year but wish we could. When one of my friend’s 50th loomed on the horizon, he chose Scotland and invited me to make the journey.

The resulting pilgrimage to the birthplace of golf was a resounding, memorable success. We played 10 rounds over seven days, traversing the country from west to east, with all the hassles ironed out by an experienced golf-tour company. We ate well, imbibed occasionally, saw a few sights on the side, and thoroughly relished every experience. Here’s a day-by-day run down of the trip.

Day One

After a redeye from JFK, we arrive at Edinburgh Airport in the early morning and meet our driver, who takes us to Troon on the country’s west coast. We check into the Highgrove House Hotel, an intimate nine-bedroom lodge with commanding views of the Firth of Clyde and the Isle of Arran. A quick bite of lunch, and we’re ready for our first round of golf.

Since we’re a bit groggy, we don’t want to take on a brutal A-list course like the ones we’ll be playing the rest of the trip, so we head for nearby Gailes Links, one of two courses operated by Glasgow Golf Club, which acquired the course in 1892. It’s a pure links course, true to the work of Willie Park, who designed it in 1912.

Fairways are surprisingly tight and greens are small for a links course, so distance and direction control of your ground game matter at lot. Bunkers are a factor, of course, and there are just the right number of blind shots to enliven the round and give us a taste of what lies ahead.

Day Two

We start the next morning at the Ailsa Course at Trump Turnberry, a seaside gem that weaves in and out of spectacular dunes. Ailsa Craig towers 1,200 feet above the sea to command the far horizon, and Turnberry lighthouse and the ruins of Robert the Bruce’s castle are in view from several holes.

The course has been extensively remodeled, but it’s not hard to imagine Tom Watson and Jack Nicklaus fighting the famous “Duel in the Sun” in 1977, the first year it joined the Open Championship rota. Although unconfirmed, it’s believed (or hoped) the course will once again host an Open sometime after its owner leaves the White House.

One of the great advantages of Scotland’s latitude is the late sunset in midsummer. The brilliant sunny day gives us time to play Prestwick that afternoon. Prestwick is the birthplace of the Open Championship, which was played there 24 times between 1860 and 1925. Variegated doesn’t begin to describe the landscape that shapes play at the venerable links.

Pow Burn flows through the property, and tall sand dunes mark the center of it. The most famous hole at Prestwick is the baffling par-5 3rd hole, a 533-yard dogleg right. The hole begins simply enough, but the fairway disappears about 300 yards from the tee as it descends into a bunker that’s at least 50 yards across and faced with railway ties.

If you’re unlucky enough to land in it, pay close attention to the line your caddie gives you for your recovery shot, since you can’t see the fairway you’re trying to reach on the other side.

Turnberry lighthouse at the Ailsa Course at Trump Turnberry

Day Three

Royal Troon, immediately north of Prestwick, hosted its first Open Championship in 1923 and its most recent in 2016, when Henrik Stenson won the ninth rendition of the tournament. Quirky greens and long holes make for exciting golf on the prestigious links.

The shortest hole of all the Open venues is the 123-yard par-3 8th hole, aptly named “Postage Stamp.” The tiny green covers a mere 2,600 square feet and perches next to a steep sand dune. It is surrounded by five bunkers, the worst of which carries an ominous name: “the Coffin.”

We head east after the morning round, to Greywalls Hotel in Gullane, where we check into the Edwardian country house next door to fabled Murifield, where we will play the next day. Our rooms overlook the 10th tee, and the hotel itself is worth the trip across the Atlantic.

Bedrooms are furnished in period style, there’s golf memorabilia throughout the common areas, and the restaurant, Chez Roux, serves award-winning Continental cuisine. A visit to the hotel’s library is a must.

Day Four

The Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers, aka Muirfield, was organized in 1744, and the course we play today was laid out by Old Tom Morris in 1891. It is a spectacular test of golf that has seen 16 Open Championships contested on the links Jack Nicklaus described as “the best golf course in Britain.”

This is an unique links course for Scotland, most of which are routed nine holes out and nine holes back to the clubhouse, whereas Muirfield has two nine-hole loops, one clockwise and the other counterclockwise, so that virtually every hole plays to a different wind direction. And in links golf, the wind matters a lot!

Also unique are Muirfield’s club rules, which dictate that golf attire is not permitted in any of the club’s public rooms and that jacket and tie must be worn after 10 a.m. in the dining room. Best of all, visitors are only permitted to play four ball matches in the morning rounds, but afternoons are reserved strictly for alternate-shot matches.

This makes for a perfect day of golf, however, since it allows for a sumptuous buffet lunch (remember to change into jacket and tie!) with libations after your morning round and a fast, fun round of team play in the afternoon.

Exhausted and exhilarated, we are driven to St. Andrews, where we check into the Hotel du Vin, less than a minute’s walk to the Old Course and the R&A Clubhouse.

Day Five

Not every golf course in Scotland predates the invention of the locomotive, nor does every day need to be dawn-to-dusk golf, especially when you’re in the old town of St. Andrews. This day is leisurely and casual, with a round at Kingsbarns in the morning and a special destination in the afternoon. Kingsbarns opened just 20 years ago but plays like it has been there for centuries. It embraces the North Sea coastline, with seven holes playing over or alongside the sea.

The highlight of the day, if not the trip, is a visit to the R&A Clubhouse in the company of a member and officer of the club whose generous hospitality we arranged through a friend of a friend. He shows us through the dining, meeting, social, and locker rooms before taking us across the street to the British Golf Museum for a private viewing of The Golfers, perhaps the most famous golf scene ever painted.

Day Six

The morning dawns gray and drizzly, and we solemnly gird our bodies in full rain gear to tackle the Old Course. We warm up a bit on the range, then test the roll on the putting green, waiting for our turn to play. Just as we are called to the first tee, the rain stops, and our grins widen. It is going to be a great day of golf.

Photos are taken, jocular starter instructions are delivered, and we take perhaps the most nerve-jangled tee shot in golf. It matters not how much golf you have played or how jaded you are, putting your peg in the ground on the first tee of the Old Course will always be an electric moment. We aim left — way, way left — to avoid the ultimate embarrassment of slicing a ball out of bounds. When four balls are safely in play, we loose a communal exhale and stride down the fairway.

Bunkers destroy some aspirations for par, wind and fescue and gorse take their toll, lipped putts evoke groans and curses, but none of that robs the day of its wonder. Scores don’t matter when you trod the most sacred ground in golf, although I’ll never forget the impossible birdie I made on the 11th hole and my finishing pars on 17 and 18.

Our afternoon round is next door, on the New Course, which is “new” because it is only 125 years old. It’s a delightful links course that makes a perfect second round for the day.

Day Seven

Like a well-composed symphony, our trip to Scotland ends with a crescendo. We face Carnoustie, easily the most demanding course of the trip. The year before we play it, the Open Championship is won there by Francesco Molinari. The first British Amateur Championship played on the course was in 1947, and it was won by Westchester amateur golf legend Willie Turnesa.

The sun shines, but the wind blows hard this day, making Carnoustie’s unforgivingly narrow fairways extraordinarily hard to find from the tee. The course’s intricate greens and punitive bunkering punish us, as well, but the round is the perfect finale to our trip.

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Features of The Golf Buddy LR7S

First Look

We must say, you will be amazed at your first glance at the external beauty of this rangefinder. Its ergonomic body design and specification are much appreciable by most of the golfer. This is an awesome rangefinder with the ultramodern design. Outlooks are so catchy and pretty cool that it will attract you towards it, by anyhow.

Moreover, It comes with breathtaking different color interiors and the most user-friendly features. That is one of the good reasons, that all every golfer regardless of beginners and advance put this The Golf Buddy LR7S top on their buying list. You will find it out, how it will give you some ultimate advantage to get a better outcome of your regular golfing.

So Continue Reading…

Every product must have some distinctive features whatever took it to your preferred list. And The Golf Buddy LR7S isn’t different from that rule. It rangefinders amazing advantages to the golfers, by covering most of the user-friendly benefits.

Let’s check it out! Why The Golf Buddy LR7S rated as the most fashionable, luxurious, and useful golf rangefinder evermore. This branded rangefinder ultimate match with the following features.

Yes! Now, we will go details investigation bellow with the remarkable features you need to know.

Targeting modes:

With the GolfBuddy Pin Finder when you have you’ve locked the pin, the device will let you know with a little vibration and the distance also will be locked in. Also, your last used settings will be the defaults for your next start-up.

with the laser rangefinder what else you intend to target for the flag, a tree, a layup target or something new? the LR7S has an easily fashioned mode, which will help you to get the distance you’re looking for. GolfBuddy’s LR7S introduces 4 targeting modes to help you lock in your desired target. Let’s check it out with more details!

GolfBuddy’s LR7S 4 unique targeting modes bring extremely accurate yardages and allow greater accuracy for slope-adjusted distance.

Standard mode:

with this feature, you will get the direct distance and height, that will be shown at the bottom of the screen. Refers distance to the target and slope-adjusted distance displayed with the main number.

Scan mode:

Refers the action of the targeting technique to continuously scans for 10 seconds to screen the distances within varying targets the main number is shown is the slope-adjusted distance, direct distance, and height, which will show at the bottom of the screen

Pin mode:

Refers to continuously scan for 10 seconds to displays distances to varying targets distances showed are to the nearby target the main number shown is the slope-adjusted distance direct distance and height, which will be displayed at the bottom of the screen

Pin Finder mode:

Refers continuously scans for 10 seconds to displays distances to varying targets distances show are to the nearby target and confirmed with a soft little vibration the main number shown is the slope-adjusted distance direct distance and height, which will display at the bottom of the screen

Slop-Adjusted distance calculation

The slop adjusted distances refer to a target it instantly calculates with the uphill or downhill position means in terms of yards/meters, Instead of just a straight-line calculation.

This will deliver the actual distance to the hole and an adjusted slop distance, with this both readings the rangefinder will calculate the distance. this process could affect the distance of your hits anywhere from 20 to 50 yards, depending on the slope of the land.

The GolfBuddy LR7S provides Slope-Adjusted distances calculated with higher accuracy with the uphill or downhill position means. we can say on the other way that the LR7S calculates the distance by considering the changes in elevation.

Long-distance performances

For long-distance performances, the rangefinder will be able to reach distances of up to 880 yards. Most of the active golfers recommended GolfBuddy LR7S because of the remarkable performance on the course. Another great feature for all types of users is the slope compensation function of the LR7S.

The Rangefinders and GPS

The Rangefinders and GPS will give accurate information, it is also easy to use featured and have a legacy of durability and reliability. To measure your multiple different shooting styles, you just point the LR7S, press a button then the LR7S will do all for you.

Other important features:

  • The LR7 is a Water-resistant rangefinder which allows the uses on any types of weather
  • The ergonomic body design allows a secure grip and hassle-free use
  • The automatic shut-off feature will enable after 10 seconds if left the device remains unattended.
  • Default to ‘last used’ settings means last used settings will be the defaults for your next start-up.
  • Diopter Eyepiece adjustment feature with fine-tune display allows clarity, improved visuals, and comfort.
  • It comes with a battery life of 2K


Everybody prefers a user-friendly rangefinder, also we are not in a different role. Simply, we will go for the cart which provides the maximum convenience to the golfer than other rangefinders.

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Not only you! almost every user prefers such a rangefinder which ensures them a long term warranty.

In this way, you can shortlist the rangefinder for a long warranty period. The rangefinder is durable, so it can be used for a more extended period.

In any means, if there is any manufacturing problem arises, for such a long time warranty, it can fix it up easily. So, don’t take stress about its warranty. You will get 1 full year warranty from the manufacturer.


In every case, the design impacts on the driver durability. Because water-resistant device with ergonomic body design among the rangefinders and makes it convenient and functional. Also, the design increase the rangefinders’ lifetime. The Golf Buddy LR7S has a well-established heritage for long durability.

The Golf Buddy LR7S is well designed and manufactured which impacts the targeting and slop adjustment distance calculation. In a word, we can say this rangefinder designed to deliver the golfers with a premium blend of clarity and accuracy.


we already said that this is a smart rangefinder that delivers the golfer long-time durability and convenience. To increase This Golf Buddy LR7S is a water-resistant rangefinder with an ergonomic body design that makes the rangefinder durable and convenient years after years and beyond.

Premium technology and top of the line performance with low prices.

4 unique targeting modes bring extremely accurate yardages and allow greater accuracy for slope-adjusted distance.

Slope Compensation function.

Not one-button operation featured.

Personal Experience with The Golf Buddy LR7S

A few days ago I had a chance to use this product. At the very first time of my uses, The 4 unique targeting system I found a bit critical than I expect. Other than that, it produces accurate calculation, slops adjustment distance calculation and elegant feel!

Is it user-friendly?

we have discussed earlier in this review, that most of the active golfers are recommending this The Golf Buddy LR7S because of its user-friendliness. Also on our investigation, we found other recommendations of this rangefinder for the same advantages. So you can feel free to decide about this driver.

Is the product worth your money?

We must agree that it’s a sensible question. Before purchasing your preferred rangefinder you must consider your budget. And Sincerely saying, no matter whatever your budget is still, you can choose this rangefinder without any hesitation, because you can use the rangefinder years after years also can buy at a low price. So, It’s clear that comparing the product’s features this product has greater value than its price.

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Tiger Woods Takes Aim at Jupiter

If his latest real-estate deal goes through, Tiger Woods won't have to look far for a golfing buddy. The game's all-time money winner, 29 years old, has agreed to buy a Florida house on Jupiter Island, in the same gated community as fellow golfers Greg Norman and Jesper Parnevik, people with knowledge of the deal say.

Mr. Woods has a special history with Mr. Parnevik -- the Swedish-born star introduced the American golfer to model Elin Nordegren, whom Mr. Woods married in 2004. (Ms. Nordegren had worked as a nanny for Mr. Parnevik.)

A purchase price for the house couldn't be determined, but it's listed for $18 million. Mark Steinberg, an agent for Mr. Woods at International Management Group, declined to comment. The 16,000-square-foot house has six bedrooms, and the 10-acre property includes a beach cottage and guest house and tennis and basketball courts. Jupiter Island, about 25 miles north of Palm Beach, has about 600 residents and has long attracted families from the Doubledays to the Fords and duPonts.

Mr. Woods made an earlier real-estate deal this year. In February, the three-time Masters champion bought land at a golf-club development under construction in Jackson, Wyo. The size and price couldn't be determined, but people familiar with that deal said Mr. Woods bought an "estate home" site. Such properties run from 2.5 to five acres and cost from $1.2 million to $4.5 million, according to a sales director at the development. Mr. Woods also owns a home at a private golf community in Windermere, Fla., near Orlando.

Stephen Garofalo, founder and former chief executive of fiber-optics company Metromedia Fiber Networks, agreed to sell the Jupiter property to Mr. Woods. Mr. Garofalo, who didn't return calls seeking comment, paid $12.3 million for the property in 2003, public records show. Metromedia, a onetime telecommunications highflier, filed for bankruptcy-court protection from creditors in 2002, emerged from proceedings in 2003 and took the name AboveNet.

The Golf-and-More-Golf Buddy Trip

The first tee at Machrihanish.

John Paul Newport

Two weeks ago, as a purely personal vacation, I took my first-ever overseas golf buddy trip. I wasn't necessarily going to write about it—I went for fun, on my own dime—but I did learn a few things that might be useful. First, every trip needs a golf daddy. Second, there can be such a thing as too much golf. Third, too much golf, at least on links courses, morphs into a new kind of golf experience and can actually be pretty great.

There are many types of perfectly legitimate golf trips to Scotland and Ireland: the grand tour of famous courses, husband-and-wife tours, golf and culture tours, golf-and-whiskey tours. Ours was a golf-and-more-golf tour. The itinerary called for 36 holes daily, all walking, except on two of the eight days, when transportation limited us to just one round.

My friend David Owen, a writer whose subject areas include golf, planned the trip, based on four previous journeys he and members of his club in rural Connecticut had taken together. At their club, most golfers walk all the time, either carrying their bags or using push carts, so the seaside links courses of Great Britain and Ireland were a natural match. Riding in carts on links courses is something of a sacrilege and often not even allowed, except with a doctor's letter.

One special feature of Dave trips is playing courses twice. It is a wonderful idea, especially on links courses, which typically require blind drives over dunes and approaches into funky greens that are wedged, perched or hidden in curious places. On the second go-round, you know what to aim for and hope to extract revenge. The replays, far from being boring, were often more fun than the first time around.

Our group of 12 guys, all in our 50s and 60s, had no leader, but it became apparent as we assembled off different flights at the Glasgow airport that someone needed to take charge. Instinctively we deferred to Dave—the person who had the most golf experience in Scotland and Ireland. Soon we were calling him our trip daddy. "Chop chop," he would say to laggards joining the bus each morning, and guys happily chopped—even the five lawyers in our midst.

Plan a Golf Buddy Trip to South Carolina’s Old 96 District

Devereaux Duffers Vernon DeHart, Barry Beasley, Gary Cannon and Bob Gillespie are long-time golfing buddies who recently played Hickory Knob and Savannah Lakes.

"Golf buddy" trips are a golfing tradition and a business-stoking phenomenon just ask course owners in Myrtle Beach, Charleston and Hilton Head. But trips with your playing pals don't have to be extravagant, or even to better-known destinations. All you really need are good courses and good companions - especially the latter.

I know. I've made past "buddy trips" with work colleagues and high school/college friends, though not on a regular basis. Now, in semi-retirement, I've found a trio of like-minded (and like-aged) individuals who enjoy short, usually weekend getaways to chase the dimpled ball. We call ourselves the Devereaux Duffers (for the Columbia street the other three live on), and the quality of companionship far exceeds that of our games - and we don't care.

Gary Cannon, Barry Beasley, Vernon DeHart and I have made day trips to North Augusta's River Course and Lancaster County's Edgewater Golf Course, but our first overnight jaunt - to McCormick's Hickory Knob State Resort Park Golf Course and neighboring Savannah Lakes' Tara Course - opened us to new possibilities.

First, Hickory Knob. One of two South Carolina state parks with golf courses, it also has both lodge rooms and cabins (we opted for two of the latter) that are a quick trip away from the park's Tom Jackson-designed golf course built alongside Lake Russell. For this trip, we booked 18 holes on a Saturday afternoon and afterward unwound in the pleasant accommodations before a pizza dinner in McCormick, about seven miles from the park.

I've played Hickory Knob before, and its surprisingly hilly terrain and ample fairways, plus water in play on both nines, make for a challenging and testing round. Particularly memorable: the par-5 second hole, which plays up a steep hill to the perched green the par-4 fourth (uphill, then over waste area and water) and the three-hole finish, notably the par-4 18th with its all-carry approach.

Tara, played the next morning, was a spectacular revelation, with sweeping uphill and downhill holes - both the 9th and 18th holes, which share a double green, sit next to the lake - and often-breathtaking vistas. Most memorable was the par-5 16th, which plummets downhill before soaring uphill to another impossible-to-reach-in-two green. Think roller coaster and you have a pretty good idea.

Gary, our best player, shot something in the mid- to high 70s the rest of us . well, suffice to say none of us felt we didn't get our money's worth (especially since Gary had a winner's prize that paid all our fees). The two-hour drive back to Columbia was filled with tales of woe and congratulations for good shots.

Best of all, a "Links on the Lake" package includes rounds at Hickory Knob, Tara and its sister Monticello course, plus two nights' accommodations.

A Round and a Round: A Cape and Islands Golf Vacation

Golf buddy trips are musts on bucket lists for many lovers of the small ball. Dreams of a getaway junket to Pebble Beach on California’s Monterey Coast or a vacation to the roots of the game in the British Isles would quench the thirst of anyone who lives to grip it and rip it. However, you need not travel far for terrific places to tee it up. From the bridges of the Upper Cape to the National Seashore on the Outer Cape, Cape Cod and the islands is a worthy golfing destination.

There are nearly three dozen public courses offering a variety of challenges. The area is rich in history, from one of the nation’s oldest courses to some of the most exclusive private clubs. President John F. Kennedy called Hyannis Port home. Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama played on Martha’s Vineyard during summer vacations.

As a public service to visitors and year-rounders alike, we’re offering a vacation week sampler: Seven courses in seven days, highlighting locations across the Cape and islands. A word of advice: Make tee times in advance and check out the courses online.

So let’s play with this thought from the great golf ambassador Arnold Palmer: “What other people may find in poetry or art museums, I find in the flight of a good drive.”

Watch the video: Golfing Hoverboard Buddy (January 2022).