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Metallic Cakes

Metallic Cakes

The next trend in cakes has more bling than your jewelry box

add instant glamour to your wedding with metallics!

Lately metallic and chrome has been everywhere — from jewelry to clothing to nail polish. So it was only a matter of time before this trend hit the food world, and it has done so with glamour and class with metallic cakes — the next big and eye-catching thing at upscale parties and weddings.

How is this extravagant look created? There are countless lustrous shades to choose from, and the effect is created by mixing Luster Dust with a liquid agent such as vodka to create a paint to brush over any cake, cupcake, or even cake pop. This trend will add instant allure and charm to a party theme, exuding opulence and seemingly effortless beauty. Once you try this trend, you may never go back to basic shimmer-less cakes.

For a step-by-step tutorial on how to add a metallic finish onto your cake of choice, follow this quick How Cast video and add some thrill to your next party treat.

Gold Drip Cake

I often am asked about our drip cakes. From elegant to whimsical, these cakes are both tasty and visually stunning. Our most recent drip cake was for a surprise 60th birthday party at The Glass Chapel in Broken Arrow, OK. We always love being a part of milestone birthdays, and who can resist a surprise party?! The guests apparently agreed because what started out as a modest celebration quickly grew to a guest list close to 100!

For this particular drip cake, we opted for a three tier stacked design. The cakes were baked, leveled, filled and iced in ivory buttercream. Each tier was then stacked using bubble straws and dowels as supports. We often will drip using ganache. This design, however, required a gilded look meaning that we needed to use a substance that would work well with metallic paint. We opted for white chocolate.

Once the white chocolate was melted, we poured it into a piping bag and cut a small hole at the end. Working quickly, we added chocolate drips around each tier and smoothed the ledges as well. Once the chocolate set, we hand painted each ledge and drip using a gold luster powder mixed with vodka. It takes a steady hand, but the outcome is well worth it!

The final steps on this cake were to add a small buttercream bead border and hand paint “Sixty” using the same gold paint that we used on the drips. I loved this subtle way to celebrate this particular milestone as opposed to a flashy 60 topper. Lastly, we dusted various sugar flowers with blushes and pinks and placed them in bunches on the cake. The gold centers pulled the look together perfectly. Surprise… and Happy 60th!

This Pan Makes the Cutest Mini Layer Cakes

What if we told you that you could create adorable tiered cakes with the same amount of effort it takes to make cupcakes?

Behold: the Chicago Metallic Multi-Tier Cake Pan. This heavy-weight, non-stick pan is a home baker’s dream from one of our favorite cake pan manufacturers. It makes four mini three-tiered cakes, each measuring four inches wide (at the bottom) and standing five inches tall. Just add frosting, and voila: the cutest homemade cakes ever to hit the party circuit.

WATCH: What&aposs the Difference Between a Tube Pan and a Bundt Pan?

This brilliant baking creation costs just $25 at Target and Amazon, where  it currently has 4.6/5 stars with more than 350 reviews.

�solutely love this mini cake pan!” one happy Amazon customer wrote. “It makes the most adorable mini cakes and is very durable.”

Another reviewer even won a baking contest after using it, adding: “I had my apprehensions about the logistics of this cake pan but they were all laid to rest when I got to baking with it… this is a great tool for anyone’s baking arsenal.”

And the best part? You’ll have everybody thinking you’re a star baker.

The Best (FDA Approved) Metallic Gold Buttercream Finish

For years, I’ve been seeing my Instagram caker friends post photos of metallic gold buttercream cakes. Like, really shiny ones. After doing a bit of research into how to get the look, I decided to order the Rolkem Super Gold luster dust and try my hand at it. I’ve seen a lot of cake makers use that mixed with a little vodka to paint their buttercream cakes for a flawless metallic look. Here’s the thing though, while I was absolutely blown away by the shiny gold finish, I realized that there has been a recall on Rolkem Super Gold because (the batch I ordered at least) contains high levels of copper, which is not the healthiest for consumption. It’s FDA approved in some countries, but not the USA, so I wondered if after swooning over this amazing gold finish I could actually find a comparable option that is FDA approved worldwide.

This wonderment sent me on a quest to find the best product for a perfect metallic buttercream finish: one that’s as shiny as Super Gold, as easy to paint with (aka I wouldn’t have to paint a million coats), and of course, one that is universally FDA approved for eating. After scouring the internet and reading countless reviews, I ordered three to try: King’s Gold by CK Products, Gold Pearl Dust by Wilton, and Glamorous Gold by Edible Art Paint. I made a little video to show you how they look in action:

Disclaimer: this post does contain some affiliate links, meaning I may receive a small commission if you click them and purchase items I’ve recommended. Using these links won’t cost you any extra money, but they do help to keep Sugar & Sparrow up and running. Thank you for your support!

Important Tips For Painting On Buttercream

Whether you’re painting a metallic finish or a non-metallic finish, it’s important to start with the right consistency of whatever you’re painting with, the right brush for the job, and a solid cake finish. All three of these things can make or break the final outcome. Here are my best tips for success:

First, to avoid messing up your final coat of buttercream, you must start with a well-chilled cake. After applying my final coat of buttercream, I place the cake in the refrigerator for a good 30 minutes or more, until the finish is hard to the touch.

Second, you need a good brush that won’t leave a ton of bristles in your paint job. This brush by Innovative Sugarworks is a great one, made specifically for cake decorating so you can rest assured that the bristles are made from high quality synthetic fibers and are safe for use with food. Your local craft store might have good brushes, but make sure they’re made with the right bristle fiber because a lot of paint brushes are made with animal hair. After all, the last thing you want is horse hair ending up on your cake!

And finally, you’ll need the right consistency of edible paint to get the look you’re going for and the best mixing solution to help the finish dry quickly. When working with luster dusts, you’ll need an alcohol solution to mix with so the liquid evaporates after you paint with it. Some cakers prefer vodka, but I always use grain alcohol to mix luster dusts with.

Grain alcohol can be found at your local liquor store (it’s also known as Everclear), and at 180 proof it has the highest alcohol content of any alcohol. The higher the alcohol content, the faster it will evaporate from your cake and leave you with that shiny gold finish you’re pining for. If you only have vodka or lemon extract on hand, those will work as well, they’ll just take longer to dry.

The Best FDA Approved Products For A Metallic Buttercream Finish

To my amazement, I ended up really liking all three of the products I tried for metallic finishes. There was one that stood out above the rest (read all about it below!) for color and ease of use, but all three will work depending on the color you need. Be sure to watch this video to see them all in action.

Glamorous Gold By Edible Art Paint

Spoiler alert: this one was my absolute favorite of the three products I used. It comes in a bottle pre-mixed with the right amount of alcohol solution, so you don’t even have to worry about making that extra trip to the liquor store. Edible Art Paints come in all sorts of colors, metallic and non-metallic, and the Glamorous Gold was the perfect shimmery gold color I was after.

The finish dried in about ten minutes and I found that one coat was sufficient for applying to the cake. I was worried about it looking streaky, but after the first coat dried, it ended up looking really uniform.

King’s Gold by CK Products

The King’s Gold by CK Products is a luster dust, so you will need to mix it with a solution like everclear (or vodka!) to make it paintable. After mixing it with everclear, the luster dust dissolved really well and ended up being a breeze to paint with. Here’s how it looked after one coat:

My reasoning for the lower rating is mainly because of the color and the semi-streakiness. King’s Gold was a bit vibrant for my liking, but they do make some other metallics that I would be interested in trying (there’s a Shiny Gold that looks a bit more like the color I was after). After painting a second coat, the streaks are diminished.

Gold Pearl Dust by Wilton

The best thing about Gold Pearl Dust by Wilton is that it’s more commonly found at your local craft store. It’s a luster dust that you’ll need to mix with an alcohol solution to make it paintable, but I found that the dust didn’t dissolve as well as other luster dusts I’ve used, making it a little more grainy of a finish.

The color was also more of a champagne gold, and to my knowledge it’s the only gold metallic color option available from Wilton. If that’s the color you’re going for though, I’d totally recommend trying it. The finish ended up being shiny after two coats, although still a little streaky.

If you’re looking for the best metallic buttercream finish that’s FDA approved and edible, I would definitely recommend any of these three, my favorite being Edible Art Paint . Remember that any time you paint on buttercream, make sure you start with a well-chilled cake that’s firm to the touch. Let me know if you end up trying any of these recommendations in the comments below, or if you know of other FDA approved solutions that work well!

3. Room Temperature Butter / Don’t Over-Cream

I sound like a broken record on this one, especially if you’re a regular SBA reader. But when a recipe calls for room temperature butter, use room temperature butter. Most cakes begin with creaming butter and sugar together. Butter is capable of holding air and the creaming process is when butter traps that air. While baking, that trapped air expands and produces a fluffy cake. No properly creamed butter = no air = no fluffiness. Aka a dense cake.

But let’s say your butter was at the proper room temperature. You began creaming it with sugar, but then left the mixer running. There’s a big chance your butter and sugar will over-cream, meaning the butter will trap more air than it should. As the batter bakes, that extra air will deflate and leave you with an overly dense cake. It’s all science!

For best results, cream butter and sugar together for about 1-2 minutes.

Additionally, the cake recipe may call for room temperature sour cream, milk, and/or eggs. Make sure they’re each at room temperature. Room temperature ingredients bond together easier and quicker since they’re warmer– thus reducing over-mixing. Over-mixing = dense cake. (See tip #6.)

Black Buttercream

Colorful cakes certainly have their place, but nothing strikes the eye like a clean, black buttercream cake. Classy and elegant, black buttercream makes a great canvas for metallic cake paint or colorful candy decorations.

This Enchanted Energy Cake, decorated with a black buttercream, is then painted with gold metallic paint. A few candy crystals really pop against the black frosting, making this cake a wonder to behold!

Be sure to check out our post on How to Make Black Frosting to help you get the deepest shades for your designs.

Using edible glitter

To use, sprinkle glitter on your cake and cupcake as desired.

I hope I&rsquove inspired to have a go&hellipDo let us know how you get on.

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How to Make a Showstopping Metallic Geode Cake

The secret to this super realistic geode cake? Rock candy!

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Rock n'Roll

This Instagram sensation started as a simple post. In 2016, Denver-based cake maker and Food Network Challenge winner Rachael Teufel was asked to create a cake inspired by an amethyst. She came up with a rock candy geode and shared a photo, and everyone went nuts. Now, with more than 48,000 posts, #geodecake is officially a thing: Beyoncé celebrated her birthday with a black-and-gold one. See how Rachael creates this gem.

All photographs by Rachael Teufel, Intricate Icings Cake Design.

Stack Your Cake Layers

Trim the cakes to make them level. Working on a turntable, stack the 6-inch cakes on a cardboard round, spreading the buttercream between them with an offset spatula. Stack the 8-inch cakes the same way on an 8-inch round.

Cover Each Cake Layer with Buttercream

Cover each layer cake with a thin layer of buttercream (this is the crumb coat), smoothing it with a bench scraper. Refrigerate until firm, 1 hour. Cover with more buttercream chill overnight. (Reserve 1/2 cup buttercream for slide 5.)

Carve Out Your Geode

Add the geode to the 6-inch layer cake: Using a paring knife, carve out an irregular piece from the side of the cake. Be careful not to cut deeper than one-third of the diameter of the cake in order to maintain the cake&rsquos structure.

Add Your Rock Candy

Frost the inside of the cutout, then gently add the rock candy. (Don&rsquot press too hard or the frosting will ooze out.) Using a spoon, sprinkle sanding sugar around the edges of the cutout to fill in any gaps.

Color the Center of Your Geode

Dilute a few drops of food coloring with a splash of vodka or lemon extract. (Test your color on some spare rock candy.) Using a paintbrush, paint the center of the geode in an irregular shape do not oversaturate.

Color the Outside of Your Geode

Add a few more drops of vodka or extract to dilute the remaining food coloring apply the lighter color around the dark center of the geode. Continue diluting the food coloring paint outward until all the rock candy is covered.

Add Some Silver and Gold

Mix a few pinches of silver luster dust with a few drops of vodka or lemon extract. With a clean brush, paint the edges of the geode silver, then apply the gold leaf around the silver paint in spots.

Assemble Your Geode Cake and Snap a Pic!

Decorate the 8-inch cake, placing the geode on a different part of the cake. Insert skewers into the 8-inch cake, cutting them level to the top, then carefully add the 6-inch cake on top so the cardboard round rests flat on the skewers.

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy

Kitchen thermometer – Vital tool for making sure your mirror glaze is not too hot or cold when you pour. Also great for use when using chocolate!

Mirror glaze mold (smooth heart) – The classic mirror glaze mold! Perfect size to make a tasty treat for two.

Mirror glaze mold (geometric) – This mold is a little bigger than the smooth heart and has a cool geometric finish. Great for small gatherings like bridal showers or birthdays!

Strainer (chinois) – super fine strainer for getting out pesky lumps and bumps in your mirror glaze so you have a super smooth, super shiny finish on all your cakes!

Geode Cake Ideas

One of the best tutorials we’ve found so far was this one from Tasty. They teach you, step by step, how to turn any cake flavour of your choice into a stunning piece of art inspired by precious stones.

Check out their finished product! They made a stunning white cake with a dark to light teal ombre geode section cut into the side. The surprisingly realistic texture is created using delicious, colourful rock candy!

Once you’ve learned the basic techniques, you can create all different variations, colours, and kinds of geode cake! Just in case you’re as in love with this concept as we are, if not more, here are 30 other designs to get you feeling motivated and thinking creatively about what your own geode cake will look like.

1. White, purple, and gold geode cake

Besides building a stunning white and deep purple geode in the side of their pristinely fondant covered layer cake, Intricate Icings Cake Design used edible gold foiling techniques to add an even more precious looking element to the edges.

2. Marbled gold and blue geode cake

Just in case you’re the kind of bright, eclectic person who thinks more is more and a geode section and gold foiling isn’t quite enough for you, here’s a tutorial from Cookies, Cupcakes, and Cardio that also shows you how to create a beautiful marbling effect across the surface of your cake!

3. Mini pink and purple geode cake

Are you actually still kind of a beginner in the baking world but you’re intent on trying your hand at making a geode cake anyways? Take a look at how Tastemade made this smaller, single layered version that’s totally cute.

4. Realistic geode stacked geode wedding cake

Perhaps bright colours aren’t really your thing and you’d rather make something that looks a little more realistic? Check out how The Sugar Dose‘s wonderfully authentic looking black and white geode snakes down their layers from top to bottom.

5. Silver and blue large geo cake

Just in case the thin geode sections you’ve seen so far aren’t for you, here’s a great look at how Cake Central made a gemstone inspired detail that’s much larger! We also love the way they used silver foiling instead of gold to suit the cool tones of their blue geode.

6. Gold, silver, and light pink geode cake

If you’re going to use one kind of edible metallic foil, why not go all out and use both? We’re completely obsessed with the beauty of this silver and gold framed white and peach geode slice from Popsugar.

7. Fully marbled cake with a smaller geo cake

Just in case you want to see more detail on that marbling idea we showed you earlier but you’re looking for a subtler finish, here’s another spin on the concept from Cake Central. We love their pearled candy contrasts.

8. Metallic marbled cake with a geode topper and fully geode layer

If you’re going to get into careful cake decorating techniques like marbling and geodes, would you rather take those things to a whole other level? Then we think you’ll love the way Sugar Geek decorated the entire surfaced of their middle layer like the inside of a stunning white geode with a golden border.

9. Geode cake inspired donuts

Perhaps you’re actually feeling a little overwhelmed by the time commitment of making full geode cakes but you still really love the aesthetic? Then maybe starting off with a smaller project, like these geode donuts from The Friendly Fig.

10. Amethyst geode cake with a gorgeous topper

Are you actually so in love with the geodes idea that you wish you could make a realistic looking topper too, rather than just doing a geode inset in the cake? Then we think you’ll be pleased to see this design and guide from The Cakatier at Sugar-Daisies!

11. Mirror glaze cake with gold, pink, and blue geode

We’ve already shown you two kinds of marbling but, just in case your cake decorating skills are a little more advanced, here’s a fantastic resource from My Little Cakes for mirroring your marble before you add your geode inset!

12. Stunning blues geode cake

Have we mentioned that we really adore blue tones and turquoise or teal colour combinations? Here’s another guide from Rach489 that shows you how to colour blend properly in marbling and geode making.

13. Geode cake pops

Where there’s a kind of cake, there’s usually a trendy new matching cake pop hot on its heels! We were amused and intrigued to come across this cute rock candy geode cake pop recipe featured step by step on Tastemade.

14. Geode candy cupcakes

We love this tutorial from Yahoo Lifestyle because it’s two fold! They show you how to decorate colourful cupcakes like individual little geode cakes but they also show you how to use chocolate, icing, and rock candy to make surprisingly realistic looking candy geode toppers too.

15. Geode rock candy cake toppers

Just in case you’re enamoured with the idea of rock candy geode cake toppers but you’d like to make a version that’s a little less chocolate heavy, here’s an alternative metallic painted option featured on Pettinice.

16. Purple galaxy geode cake

Just in case you haven’t noticed by now, we adore combining trends. That’s why we thought this cake that harnesses the beauty of geodes and the awesomeness of galaxy themed things was such a good idea! Get a better look at it on The Kate Tin.

17. Heart shaped geode cake

not every geode cut out has to be realistic in its shape or size! We think this idea from Behind The Cake for making a heart shaped geode section in the side of your cake is very lovely indeed.

18. Floral geode cake

Have you finished your geode section and decided that the cake could use a little extra visual detail to take it up a notch? Check out how Sweet Chatter gave theirs more personality by adding flowers.

19. Metallic geode cake truffles

If we’re going to talk about alternative baked treats that are inspired by geode cakes, like cake pops and cupcakes, we can’t possibly leave out these stunning little metallic painted geode truffles created by Lauren Conrad!

20. Double geode cake

perhaps you like the idea of making smaller geode sections because they’re so time consuming but you’re worried your cake will look like it’s lacking something if you only do one? Then follow in Butter Cream DC‘s footsteps and make two instead!

21. Full slice geode cake

Just in case carving out an irregular section of your cake doesn’t really appeal to you, here’s an awesome tutorial from Kitsch Cakes that shows you how to do your favourite detailing in a section the size of a whole slice.

22. Geode and gemstone cake

Have you actually been hoping to practice your fondant sculpting techniques alongside your geode decorating adventures? Then we definitely think you should give these awesome gemstone details from Kake By Darci a try.

23. Balanced geo sphere cake

Are you feeling up for a challenge and very confident in your skills indeed? Then perhaps you’re the perfect person to try this balanced rounded geode cake from Sugar Geek that basically defies gravity!

24. Personal sized geode cake

Are you still kind of practicing and the idea of making a full sized geode detail cake still feels a bit intimidating to you right now? Then we’d suggests starting smaller with this personal sized geode cake outlined on Spoon University!

25. Realistic halved geode cake art

We mentioned chocolate and candy geodes a little earlier on our list, but they were small and quick. Here’s a tutorial from How to Cook That that shows you how to make a shockingly authentic full sized version of an actual edible geode!

26. Rose gold and peach tones geode cake

Have you mastered the concept of making geode sections in your cakes but you can’t stop thinking about how much you love the idea of foiling around it? Then we think you’ll like this much more foiled copper and peach tones design from Mel’s Amazing Cakes.

27. Black and purple geode and gem cake

Are you totally enamoured with the geode cake style but your personal colour and aesthetic preferences are usually a little darker than what you’ve seen so far? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Sugar By Tracy made this stunningly deep coloured black and purple version.

28. Kid friendly geode topped heart cakes

Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about hearts and geode cakes in one place but you’d like to take the shape idea one step further? Then we’d encourage you to take a look at how Wilton created these heart shaped cakes with rock candy tops that are easy for kids to decorate like colourful geodes!

29. Geode cake inspired macarons

Alright, we know that macarons are not technically a kind of cake, per se, but these lovely little geode inspired creations from Blue Sheep Bake Shop are so stunning that we just couldn’t make ourselves leave them off the list!

30. Marbled geode diamond and agate cake

Are you a very skilled cake decorator indeed who is looking for a way to take the whole geode and gemstone idea to the next level? Then we think you’ll get along very well indeed with this design from Man About Cake that combines marbling, metallic foiling, geode cut outs, and DIY agate embellishments made of sugar!

Watch the video: Αφράτο Κλασικό Κέικ Βανίλιας Η συνταγή που θα σας τη ζητάνε ΟΛΟΙ - Vanilla Cake Recipe (January 2022).