Traditional recipes

Traditional Greek beans

Traditional Greek beans

We soak the beans in the evening.

The next day we put it in the pot with water and let it boil.

Change the water, cut the onion into small pieces, the carrot in half, then the fruit, the larger celery, add the salt, broth and oil.

Let it all boil until it thickens.

Great appetite !!

How to make beaten beans

Beans it will be washed well under a stream of cold water, then boiled in hot water, and after it boils, the water will drain, boiling with another warm water.

surgery will be repeated from 2-3 times, this being necessary to eliminate the appearance of flatulence (bloating and gas).

At the last water, it will boil carrot cleaned and sliced, a small onion finely chopped and a dust of salt, boiling about 60 minutes (if it will not be soaked since the evening).

Optional, to boil beans beans faster, you can use that wonder pot (but this is optional).

When beans beans it will be well cooked, it will drain (water will not be thrown away, because it will be necessary to beat the beans in case it is too dry, if necessary it will be used), will put in blender together with the cooked vegetables (in its absence it can be pulled through the mincer ), added vegetable oil little by little like mayonnaise, until it becomes frothy (if it is too dry, you can add a little of the water in which it boiled).

To taste, it will be added crushed garlic, salt and pepper.

In a Teflon pan with 2 tablespoons vegetable oil, it will harden 2 onions cleaned and cut scales (as it will become translucent), then extinguished with tomato paste, stirring until dissolved in the seasoned onion.

Optional, over fried onion can also be added a teaspoon of paprika / hot pepper.

Beans combined will be arranged on a platter, decorated with fried onion and served at the table with toast and pickles.

How to make low green beans

Peel the onion and finely chop.
Put the tomatoes in boiling water for a minute to easily remove the peel and then chop finely.
The beans are cleaned and washed. Then it is cut, if the pods are long.
Put the onion, beans, finely chopped tomato and finely chopped pepper in water.
Then add water depending on how much sauce you like and boil for about 15 minutes.
At the end, add finely chopped greens, crushed garlic, salt and oil.

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Greek zacusca for winter - a wonderful snack of beans and vegetables!

Today we offer you a wonderful recipe for Greek zacusca, which is prepared from beans and vegetables. Prepare it and enjoy it with your loved ones!


-½ glass of sugar or less

-2 teaspoons ground black pepper


1. Soak the beans in water overnight.

3. While the beans are boiling, prepare the other ingredients. Peel a squash, grate it and boil it in boiling water for 30 seconds, then peel it.

4. Chop the peeled tomatoes and fry them in a pan.

5. Combine boiled beans and fried tomatoes in a large cauldron. Put the pot on the fire so that its contents start to boil.

6. Fry the chopped bell peppers.

7. Add the fried peppers to the bean pot.

8. Fry the onion and add it to the pot.

9. Then fry the carrots and add them to the pot.

10. Boil all ingredients in a saucepan over very low heat. Add sugar, salt, black pepper, oil and vinegar. Stir and taste.

11. Chop the greens and grind the garlic.

12. Add them to the pot and continue cooking over low heat. Don't forget to stir so it doesn't burn. At least 2 hours must pass from the start of boiling the vegetables in the pot.

13. Place the hot zacusca in sterilized jars, sealing them tightly.

14. Turn the jars upside down and wrap them in a duvet overnight. Then keep them in the pantry.

Greek salad, simple recipe

Greek salad, simple and quick recipe, a salad with tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, cheese and olives. It is made quickly and is delicious, it is served as an entree or it can be a dinner or breakfast full of vitamins. Step-by-step video recipe.

Greek salad, simple and quick recipe

A salad is welcome anytime, in any season, but in summer, when it's very hot outside and you don't feel like cooking, it's the perfect food & # 128578

I make all kinds of salads, one tastier than the other. They can be served as a base, for a light meal or as an entree.

At festive meals if you prepare a few dishes with various salads, not only will the meal look very good (salads are cheerfully colored), but everything will cost you much less, and guests will be delighted by the abundance of dishes. & # 128578

Greek salad, a simple and quick recipe, is, as its name suggests, a salad of Greek origin. It is found in the menu of any Greek restaurant, it can be served as an entree or as a base, for a light meal.

I always make a generous plate and eat 3-4 people for lunch or dinner. We don't need anything else, it's more than enough. My husband and I eat without bread and we really don't feel the need for bread. This salad is very filling. & # 128578

Specific to this recipe are feta cheese, olives and oregano. I recommend you try other recipes on my blog, some of my favorites are oriental salad and eggplant salad. But, you will find many other recipes, for all tastes and pockets.


• 500 g of small white beans (soaked overnight)
• 1 large chopped onion
• 2 diced carrots or slices
• 1 piece celery celery
• 150 g fresh tomatoes given on a grater (or canned)
• 1 tablespoon tomato paste
• 150 ml olive oil (preferably extra virgin)

Fasolatha is a creamy bean soup of Greek origin. This dish is cheap and tasty. If you want to be like the Greeks, do not use canned food, only fresh or home-preserved vegetables.

How to prepare fasolatha - Greek bean soup

1. Boil the beans in boiling water. Boil for 3-4 minutes and then discard the water. Strain the beans and set aside.

2. In a large pot, add all the ingredients except the tomatoes, tomato paste and olive oil.

3. Pour 3 liters of water over the vegetables and boil over high heat.

4. When it reaches boiling point, turn the heat to medium and continue cooking until the beans have boiled (sometimes it can take up to 2 hours, depending on the beans).

5. Add the fresh tomatoes, tomato paste and olive oil. Season with salt and pepper.

6. Cook for another 30 minutes until the soup becomes thick and creamy, taking care to stir occasionally to prevent the vegetables from sticking to the bottom of the pot.

* The content of this article is for information only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice. For a correct diagnosis, we recommend that you consult a specialist.

Rinse the pork in hot water and boil it in cold water. Remove the foam that forms along the way. Meanwhile, clean the vegetables and wash, then chop. Wash and chop the greens.

Rinse the preheated beans and bring to a boil in warm water. Add the bay leaves, a little salt, pepper, potato, thyme, 2 carrots, celery and parsnips. The rest of the vegetables are put on the grater to lightly fry them in a pan with a little oil, for an intensification of the flavors.

When the meat is cooked and comes off the bone, drain and chop into cubes. Strain the water in which it boiled, add the meat and beans from the other bowl, with all the water, but remove the bay leaves and the potato. After the vegetables have hardened a little, add the hot paprika, the sweet paprika, ground cumin, chopped tarragon and dill.

Stir to release the flavors, then add the juice-drained beans and pork. Add the tomato juice and add a little more juice. Let the beans boil for another 8-10 minutes, then put them on plates. Place the smoked bean reinterpreted in two parts, and in the middle separate with two sprigs of green onion, and between them a glass of brandy, to look more rustic.

Bean dish with sesame. Ready in just 15 minutes

Bean food is considered a traditional food in many countries, with hundreds of versions all over the world. The French call it cassoulet and cook it with duck. Seafood or fish are added to Mediterranean cuisine.

In South America there are versions with beef or different kinds of sausages. Vegetarians simply give up the meat in it and add various spices and greens to enhance its taste.

As I've told you in other posts, I have days when I eat vegetarian to maintain a balanced diet.

Today being one of those days I chose to make the vegan version of the bean recipe, with a special twist: I added sesame.

But for those who do not want to give up meat, you can always add a chorizo ​​sausage, cut into thick slices, which will bring an extra taste that will satisfy even the most carnivorous of you.

You can enjoy it hot, because the flavors of the ingredients used intensify and you can make it as spicy as you want (according to taste), choosing more or less hot peppers.

It can be made with any kind of beans, and to shorten the cooking time I used pre-cooked beans.

The way we serve this bean dish leaves room for imagination.

I used a metal bowl serving Indian food, especially curry, but you can also use other plating such as a flat plate, a clay bowl, to which you can add a few slices of garlic-flavored toast, which go great with this food and adds a crunchy texture.

More Vegetarian Recipes:

I am convinced that vegans will appreciate this recipe very much. If you want to see more vegetarian recipes, take a look at the Vegetarian category, in the Recipes section.

Greek cuisine

Greece is a southern country, and this implies the existence of fruits, vegetables and various greens full of vitamins and minerals throughout the year. In addition, virtually all dishes of Greek cuisine are prepared using olive oil which is very beneficial for our body.

Cuisine in Greece is distinguished by an impressive variety of dishes that enjoy great popularity in European countries.
An important place in the diet of the Greeks is occupied by fish and seafood. In Greece you will find a huge variety of dishes prepared from all kinds of sea creatures: shrimp, squid, octopus, crabs, mussels, oysters, lobsters, lobsters, etc.
Traditionally, baked, fried or fried fish is served with a wonderful sauce of olive oil and lemon juice - "ladolemono".

Cuisine in Greece

According to Greek customs, in the kitchen of Greece, guests of a tavern have the opportunity (and this is always welcome) to enter the kitchen and choose the fish they like or any other ingredient that will be prepared later, taking into account all customer wishes. In particular, seafood is prepared in "psarotaverne" (fish restaurants). Usually, most of them are right on the beach.
As for meat and vegetables, the people of Greece cook them, adding various spices: onion, garlic, parsley, mint, pepper, lemon and others.
Cuisine in Greece is distinguished by one of the most popular meat dishes, such as suvlaki (ram or pork skewers), as well as other delicacies prepared on roast or charcoal.

Cuisine in Greece

The first course (soup or broth) in Greece is not very popular. This may be due to the hot climate. However, in traditional Greek taverns, among the items on the menu we can see soups or cream soups. The cheapest and most common soup on weekdays is considered "fasolada" - bean soup, prepared according to a traditional recipe, as well as "fakes" - lentil soup, adored by all Greeks.
In addition, in Greece it is consumed with great pleasure rice soup prepared with soup in which he boiled a chicken, to which is added a beaten egg and lemon juice («kotosupa me avgolemono»), as well as «vrasto» - soup beef.
Greek tea is a rare and strange drink that they only remember when they have a cold.
Among the hot drinks, the Greeks prefer the aromatic coffee "ellinikos", boiled according to a traditional oriental recipe, without any additives. Coffee is used to drink in small sips, prolonging the pleasure and consuming water in the meantime. At any cafe you can order "vari gliko" - hard and sweet coffee, "metrio" - medium coffee, less hard and moderately sweet, as well as "sketo" - coffee with medium strength and no added sugar.

Cuisine in Greece

Speaking of traditional Greek cuisine, we must mention the excellent confectionery products, the aroma of which reigns on all the streets of Greek cities.
Paradoxically, wherever you are, on any street, you can take a look around and you will find taverns, rotisserie, breweries, cafes or bars everywhere.
You can get the impression that the whole of Greece is full of tables, and the hospitable hosts of the places are waiting with open arms for their visitors just so that the guests can objectively appreciate the unsurpassed mastery of the hosts.
The way in which the Greeks prefer to spend their free time in the evening is to visit the taverns, especially on non-working days, in the company of friends or relatives. Usually in taverns there is a relaxed, positive atmosphere. Most often here you drink beer or "uso" (Greek aniseed liqueur) and, of course, the famous "retsina" - dry wine, soaked in conifer resin.

Cuisine in Greece

Restaurants and taverns operate between 12-16 and 20-24, some even until 2 p.m.

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